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NOVA is here to help enhance your lashes and brows with our lash lift and tinting services. These services are waterproof and shorten your daily makeup routines. It protects your lashes from daily curling and crimping of your lashes. 

The Lash Lift and Tint is the ultimate treatment that lifts your natural eyelashes from the root, helping to enhance and it creates the effect of longer, lifted lashes while creating the illusion of length and volume that lasts up to 6-8 weeks.

  • last 6-8 weeks 

  • Tint is waterproof lasts 3 weeks, gives the look of mascara.

  • Aftercare is simple just keep lashes dry for 24hrs away from steam or oil

Just one professional treatment is all it takes to deliver an amazing lash lift that is retained, even after a shower or swimming, lasting for 6-8 weeks. 

Lash Lift & Tint

The Process: 1hr 15min

  • Step 1 -Lashes are washed 

  • Step 2- Lashes are glued onto a silicone rod with lash glue to hold form

  • Step 3- Apply perm solution to the lashes.

  • Step 4- Apply neutralizing solution to the lash.

  • Step 5 (optional)- Apply lash tint


The whole treatment takes 1 hr. and 15 min. After, you can wear mascara and your lashes are safe, healthy and beautifully curled for 6 to 8 weeks (depending on your home regimen and hair growth.)



Who is a good candidate for this service?   


Someone who has  STRONG, HEALTHY LASHES  but who is happy with the length and thickness of their own natural lashes, but wants to make their eyes look more open and pretty without the daily use of the damaging eyelash curler.

What is the aftercare?   Aftercare is very simple. For the next 24 hours keep your lashes dry and away from steam or oil. That’s it!

lash lift alex.jpeg
lash lift close up.jpeg
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